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Informationen zu meinen Aktivitšten erteilte ich gerne:
Urs Anliker

Ich bilde nach den Richtlinen von PATD und CMAS.ch aus.


Dive material stolen in Bourg St. Andéol, Ardèche: (Sat/Sun night; 4.June 2006):

18 regulators: Apeks
DS4 2071239
DS4 2071238
TX50 (2. Stufe) 2080315
DS4 3080338
TX40 3081257
DS4 3080369
TX40 3081270
DS4 3080376
TX40 3081262
DS4 3080368
TX40 3081266
TX50 (1.Stufe) 3020752
TX50 (1.Stufe) 3020746
TX50 (1.Stufe) 2080315
TX50 (1.Stufe) 2051666
DS4 408 1987
DS4 408 1990
TX50 (1.Stufe) 2011721
ATX50 4101802
TX50 (1.Stufe) 2011725
ATX50 4101808

4x D12 (2x white (marked with RV), 2x yellow: either EAN32 or Tx15/60))
Dir Zone (Tanks): OWP050/OWP195
Tanks KQB050/KQB048
2x12lt (Tx23/62)
3x80cuf (O2, Tx50/20, Tx35/50) (marked with UA or RV)
2x40cuf (O2, Tx60/25, Serial: LS12658) (marked with UA)
4lt Tx60/25 (rigged as stage)
4lt Argon
1.5lt Argon
2 Backplates/Wing (1 Halcyon/1 DIR-ZONE)

Double pSCR rebreather (RECY’01 with dolphin hoses):
pre-dive and in-water picture

3 dry suits (DUI CFx200 (30680-MD)),
Typhoon (black/ruby, Scubapro (black/pink))
2 pair of dry gloves
2 Weezle Extreme +
2 pairs of Weezle booties
1 Thermo underwear
3 hoots neoprene

4 Reels
(3x http://www.swiss-cave-diver.ch/ausr%fcstung/bilderkl/Reel02.JPG,
1x http://www.swiss-cave-diver.ch/ausr%fcstung/bilderkl/Reel03.JPG)
2 Spools

2 pairs of fins (Mares Antri Quatro, Cressi … incl. spring straps)
6 diving masks (2x big eye, 1x look, 3x unknown)
Some cave arrows and cookies marked with UA, Regi
2 Wetnotes (DIR-Zone)

1 OxySpy (101063)
1 Aladin Smart Pro

4 Heser Backup
1 GDS (14Ah) with 21W Brigthstar Salvo Diving Head)
2 Dev-Pein Halgon Head with 35W Solux bulb

1 DIN to DIN tank fill hose (cylinder equalizer)
1 INT to INT tank fill hose

1 Wenoll (Oxygen first Aid System - Constant Flow, in Yellow Box - Bild 1 - Bild 2)

If you see/hear anything please get in touch with me (info@uanliker.ch) and the police.


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